I am a mom.
I am not a perfect mom or an experienced mom.  I have a son born in May 2010 and a daughter born in May 2012. My husband and I have been married for four years(yeah, we wasted no time in the kid department), and he works an average of seventy hours a week as a paramedic.   I am also a paramedic(guess where we met) who has recently gone back to work full time–though I cap it at forty eight hour weeks–at the same agency my husband works for. So not only are we happily married, we are also coworkers. Fortunately for everyone, we are not only crazy in love, I can truthfully say we are best friends.

Most days, I am just a tired, slightly overwhelmed, usually stressed, sometimes lonely mom who delights in my family.  I suspect I am not the only mom who feels this way, so I destress by writing about it all.


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