Dear Mom Complaining About Food Allergies

Dear Woman in front of me in line at the grocery store:

totally get what you’re saying.  Nut free classrooms–how ridiculous is that?  I’m sure that the severely allergic child in your daughter’s classroom isn’t really that allergic, right?  Not enough to warrant you having to spend so much time making sure your daughter doesn’t take nuts to school.

I’m sure that leaving walnuts out of your muffins and sending jelly sandwiches is a huge inconvenience to you.  I am sure the extra five minutes at the grocery store scanning ingredients on prepackaged foods is five minutes you just don’t have to spare.  I assure you, I can fully relate.

I hate it too when my very veins feel like they are itchy and on fire.  I am totally inconvenienced when my throat swells and feels like it is filling with mucus, suffocating me as I struggle to push air through it. That really sucks, probably as much as eating a jelly sandwich with no peanut butter does.  I never have the time for the 911 call, the ambulance ride, the hours in the emergency room, the next two days when I feel miserable from all the drugs they gave me to reverse the anaphylaxis–I mean, yeah, that is JUST like having to spend five minutes to make sure the granola bar you want to send for lunch tomorrow won’t kill your daughter’s classmate.

Yes, I said kill.  One hundred children last year died from anaphylaxis.

That’s one hundred sets of parents who will never again go school lunch shopping for their sons or daughters.  One hundred sets of parents who will never, ever again have to scan granola bar ingredients, or make jelly sandwiches, or any of the other myriad of things you’re complaining about doing.

So, yeah, I totally relate to how inconvenienced you are trying to keep that allergic child in your daughter’s classroom safe.

I mean, who has time for that?


An anaphylactic who really wishes people would take food allergies seriously


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