When all the world is running out


My babies,

So many people right now are asking what is wrong with the world.  What is wrong with people that they would plant bombs to kill and maim innocents?  What is wrong with a world where a man can shoot up a kindergarten class, that firefighters and paramedics can be shot while trying to help someone?
Some days, watching the news, it feels like everything is wrong, that the world is upside down, that I am raising you in a world filled with horror at every turn.

Here is the truth: There is much wrong with the world.
And there is so much that is right.

Someday–not until you are much older–you will probably see the footage of yesterday’s bombing at the Boston Marathon.  You will probably be able to visualize flying limbs, torn bodies, blood.  But here is what I want you to see when you watch those video clips…see the people in the yellow vests?
See how, when everyone is fleeing the scene, they are running towards it?

Those people, my babies, are everything that is right with this world.  Those are the first responders, whether police, fire, EMS, military, physicians and nurses that were there.  Bystanders with medical training that knew to take their belts off and tourniquet severed stumps where limbs had been blown off, saving lives.  They are people, helping other people.

See how they run in when their world explodes.

Mr. Rogers, in a famous quote, says that when you are scared, when you see scary news, look for the helpers.  The helpers are always there, risking their lives to help someone else.

My babies, I want to take this a step further. 
I want you to be those helpers.
I want you to be brave.  I want you to understand situational awareness, I want you to know about scene safety, I don’t ever want you to recklessly disregard your safety–but I want you  , in that moment where your world explodes, not to run.
I want you to stand still.
I want you to hear those cries for help.
And I want you to be brave, to put others first, whether it’s a national tragedy or helping an elderly woman carry her grocery bags to her car.

In this crazy, crazy world, I want you to always ask yourself, what can I do to help someone else?

My lovely, beautiful, innocent babies, this world can be so cruel.  There is so much horror, so much pain, so much destruction.
There is so much wrong.
And my prayer for you, my goal in raising you, is that you will be all that is right in this world.


Your Mommy


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