Grace for the journey

I want a Saturday.
I want a day to sleep in, watch television, eat pancakes.  I want a day to do what I want to do.

Instead, I have a nine-month-old who is wide awake at 7 am.  I have at least six loads of laundry to do, another sink of dishes to wash, a two-year-old that needs a bath…which reminds me, the bathrooms really need to be scrubbed.  I then need to run to Walmart to buy a pair of stockings for tonight–my sisters are dancing in a ballet that I’m attending.  Or at least I’m attending part of it, because I will have to leave to drive an hour to work, where I will be until eight tomorrow morning.
And then I will come home and do it all over again.

Oh, and did I mention my husband is on a thirty three hour shift starting this morning?

Moms don’t get Saturdays or vacations or holidays.  We get laundry and dishes and a baby that wants to be held all day long and a toddler who follows after us, leaving chaos in his wake.
And it can get so tiring.  The never ending to-do list that seems to be on an endless loop of repeating can become so wearying if we let it.  Especially when our husbands work away or work long hours and all those mothering tasks fall solely on our shoulders.  It can easily become overwhelming.

So I start at the beginning.  I do one thing–a load of laundry–and move onto the next, not letting my mind wander to what else needs to be done.  When the two-year-old desperately needs some attention, I mentally put the list aside.  I can come back to it, I can do it later. When the baby needs some cuddling, I put it aside again and pick her up.  I stop letting the list rule my life and overwhelm me as it so easily could.

I probably won’t get everything done today that I need to.  But this season of life, this season with small children, is a season of grace.  Grace given to exhausted, weary, overwhelmed me–grace that says, it’s okay to fail here.  It’s okay if those dishes stay in the sink.  It’s okay if the upstairs bathroom doesn’t get scrubbed.
It’s okay if the little ones need cuddling instead of chores getting done.

This motherhood stuff–it’s not a race, it’s a journey.  We’ll all get to the end at one point or another, far more haggard and worn out than when we started.
And for that journey, I wish you grace.

This is linked at  I couldn’t nab the button, but this is a great site for encouragement when you need it most.



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