To-do list failures

The word for today is…tired.
Very, very, bone chilling, mind numbingly tired.

My husband and I went away for three days, and before that I had worked two days in a row, so I came home to mountains of laundry to wash, dry, fold and put away, dishes still in the sink, dishes on the kitchen table, and toys piled high all over the living room floor. 
I spent four straight hours today on housework, and it still feels like absolutely nothing got done.  There are still toys all over the living room floor, and now they are all over the playroom floor too, because while I was cleaning the kitchen my children decided to redump all their toy boxes.   There is still laundry to do, even though I washed three loads and folded five loads, because we were so behind.  And the upstairs looks even worse than it did this morning, because my husband tore out the hallway ceiling, scattering debris all over(he cleaned up most of it, but it will take weeks before it looks decent).

And if we want to start talking about failures today, I ate three cookies and two pieces of bread.  Did I mention I’m on a low-carb diet?

So instead, tonight, I’m not focusing on the failures of today or the things that didn’t get done, all of which are many.

Instead, today, I:

Wrote a weeks’ worth of menus
Grocery shopped, complete with two little kids
Folded and put away all the clean clothes in my bedroom
Put clean sheets on my bed
PIcked up all the dirty clothes on my floor and put them in hampers
Made my family a good dinner
Built a house out of couch cushions with my son
Changed a whole lot of diapers
Washed two little faces a bunch of times
Kept my son from choking his baby sister
Broke up six fights
Snuggled this sweet one Image

There will always be a thousand things I didn’t do.  I’m a mom, which alone makes it impossible to do everything that needs to be done.
But I can’t concentrate on that.
I can only focus on what I can do, and remember that I am only one person who simply needs to prioritize that to-do list–and perhaps, right now, in this stage of life, couch cushion forts come before clean floors.


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