Dear Mommy Bloggers(Or, why I am going gray at the age of 30)

Dear Mommy Bloggers:

Thank you for letting me know about your perfect life. I am glad that you can blog/tweet/facebook daily while you cook seven course meals from scratch and homeschool your delightful, clean children while your toddlers play peacefully and never, ever make messes.

Meanwhile, today I shampooed my living room carpet! This was my sole accomplishment of the day, and fifteen minutes later, my toddler came in with a bowl full of macaroni salad that had been stolen from the fridge and promptly dumped all over the nice, clean carpet.
Then I managed to actually wash the baby bottles, feed the baby, dress both children, and suddenly I realized I needed to make the car payment and the bank was closing in ten minutes. I carried both children to the car, only to have the two-year-old pipe up halfway down the road…”Mommy, you forgot Josh’s SHOES!” and giggle hysterically. I looked back and realized that, yes, my two-year-old was barefoot on this cold, rain day.
Thank God for drive through banking.

On the way home, I realized I had forgotten to feed Joshua lunch, and so I swung through Dunkin Donuts and bought him six chocolate minis for a dollar. I will make up for this later with popcorn chicken out of the freezer, because Daddy is on a 24 hour shift and I am not interested in cooking.

After getting home, I gave Josh my Nook tablet to play with for a few minutes while I tried to wash some clothes. Josh came running into the laundry room yelling, “Play game, Mommy! Play game wid me?”
“Okay,” I said. “What game should we play?”
Josh giggled. “Find da library books!”
“That doesn’t sound like a fun game,” I sighed, going into the room where the library books are kept in a basket on top of a small filing cabinet. Sure enough, the basket was there, the library books were not.
“Okay, Josh,” I said, “Where are the library books?”
Josh giggles. “Josh hide dem! Mommy find dem!”

An hour later, I still have no idea where the library books are, and all I can get out of the two-year-old is, “Josh lost dem!”

Meanwhile, the baby cries to eat again, the laundry piles up on the couch, and Josh wants to paint pumpkins.

So I don’t think I qualify as a Mommy blogger.
Just a Mommy.
But then, there is nothing wrong with that, after all.


2 thoughts on “Dear Mommy Bloggers(Or, why I am going gray at the age of 30)

  1. soooooo….I can get down with your posts! I am an EXHAUSTED mother of 5, I homeschool an 8th grader, 7th grader, k (BOY) & a preK (nevermind the prek is smarter than I am), care for a 14 month old, I Coop, plan special events for our coop, babysit a 4 year old AND I am married…..WHEW! ALL of this before 8am!!!! Wait, where was I going with all of this???? Did I mention my mind has not been fully functional since 1998?

    oh’ yes….Thank you for your posts! My sis- in-law shared Face of Destruction with me tonight. I laughed and then agreed with the brief mention of feeling/being alone. At least I have you to turn to when I escape to the bathroom for my coveted “mommy time”…ROCK ON GIRLFRIEND!

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