Good Moms

I‘m going back to work in two weeks.  For a while, I felt guilty because–quite honestly–I can’t wait. I love what I do, and I love having two or three days a week where I’m out of the house.  It leaves me refreshed and ready for whatever’s next.   Working part time is a good thing for me and my family.

Yet there are a lot of people who would make me continue to feel guilty about that.  They say that a Good Mom does not work outside of the home; that a Good Mom stays home if she is financially able to(and I am) and raises her children, cooks dinner, and does various other sundry things.  These people exist, and unfortunately, I seem to read a lot of their blogs.
I finally stopped feeling guilty about this the last three months.  I’ve been off work since April, and my husband and I realized, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that it has not been a healthy thing for our family.

And yet, I am a Good Mom.

Because Good Moms do what is best for their family; whether it is work full time, part time, or stay at home.  Good Moms know that this is going to be different for each family, and they stop listening to other people and make their choices based on their own circumstances.

Good Moms sometimes feed their kids spaghettios and hot dogs. 

Good Moms sometimes yell at their children when the children dump an entire gallon of milk onto the floor because they did not wait to ask Mommy for a drink.

Good Moms sometimes don’t bother to put pajamas on the two-year-old just because he’s fallen asleep on the couch and they don’t want to risk waking him up.

Good Moms sometimes let the kids watch television simply because it is the only time they aren’t talking to her.

Good Moms have been known to lock themselves in the bathroom just to escape their own children for a few minutes.

Good Moms are not above telling their children it is later than it actually is just to get the kids into bed an hour early.

And Good Moms know that it’s okay.  That there are a thousand ways to be a good mom, and no way to be a perfect one.  That we will all fail a hundred times a day at being a mom, but that our kids will turn out okay despite our failings. They know that the choices others make don’t have to be their choices, and that every family needs different things. And good moms aren’t afraid to make the choices that are right for their family, even when those choices are unpopular.


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