Two Hundred Year Love

The new buzzword in Christian mothering appears to be visionary motherhood.  Setting goals, creating a vision for your home and family and mothering experience.  I’ve read at least six blogs in the last two weeks addressing this subject, each proclaiming that we are not just mothers of our children, we are influencing our grandchildren and great-grandchildren and so on.  They talk about creating two hundred year plans–what are your goals for your descendents? How can you influence your children now in order to ensure your great-great-great grandchildren’s wonderful lives?  There are books to read and motherhood forums to talk about this concept, so I thought I’d chime in.  So without further ado, here are my goals for motherhood: 

1) Survive

2) Raise children who are not serial killers.

I know.
Those are some lofty goals right there.

Truthfully, I’m not writing 200 year goal plans.  My goals involve laundry, dishes, and vacuuming today.  I don’t know about tomorrow yet.  My vision involves trying to stay awake tonight longer than my 2-year-old, lest I fall asleep and he find some new mess to make.  Do I want a peaceful, loving home that my children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren will flock to someday?  Sure. 

But mostly, I just want my children to know that they are so loved, so treasured.  I want Josh to know that the best moments are my life are just after he wakes up, and the smile that spreads across his face before he yells, “Hi Mommy! Baby Josh UP!” and starts jumping in his crib.  I want him to remember that I dropped everything one summer night when he asked me to dance, and we whirled around the kitchen floor to some old CD I’d found, till he giggled so hard that I covered his face in kisses and set him on the floor.  I won’t have a two hundred year mission statement to pass down to these kids, but in the end, I truly believe the only thing that matters, really, is love.


One thought on “Two Hundred Year Love

  1. Goodness, I can understand contemplating your decendants, but a “200 year plan” ??? Wow. If there is anything I have learned as Andy’s mom, it’s try to live TODAY with love and intention. TODAY is a gift in and of itself and who knows what tomorrow will bring!!!! Mom’s should not spend so much time wasted on that far ahead in time. If you live TODAY with love and intention with your kids, tomorrow(s) should take care of themselves. I think your two goals are great ones and apparently not enough parents even aim THAT high considering how full our prisons are in this country. 😉

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