Two kids and logistics…

So very, very soon, I am going to be the mother of two children two years old and under.  Labor doesn’t scare me, a c-section definately doesn’t scare me, two kids under 2? 
That scares me.

I’ve been trying to figure out how this work.  One child has pretty seamlessly fit into our lives, just kind of molding himself into our schedule and going along with it.  Josh has always been a sunny, easy going child from the start.    Livie, I imagine, probably won’t be.  

Besides the possibility of a fussy baby, I can’t figure out the simple logistics.  How do I get them both in the car?  Do I take Josh out first, get him into his car seat, then come back in for Olivia?  Meanwhile, knowing Josh, he will probably have extricated himself from the carseat and be trying to climb into the front seat to drive.  Or do I take Olivia out, then leave her in the car, while leaving Josh in the house happily destroying his clean self, and then come back in for him?  This is all complicated by (a) a nosy neighbor who will call the police if she sees a child left alone in a vehicle for even a few seconds, (b) Josh absolutely has to hold someone’s hand when we go to the car or he will run into the road, and (c) I have no place to park but on a street.

Yes, these are the things that keep me up at night.

Speaking of staying up at night, how is my morning routine supposed to go?  What happens when I’m nursing Olivia in bed, and I hear Josh yelling, “Mommy! Josh up! Josh soaky! Josh need bubble bath!”  Translated: Josh has once again wet through his diaper, is peeling off his clothes and wet diaper, and will probably climb out of the crib in a minute if I don’t get right up and go get him.  And he has been known to stalk naked into the bathroom and try to get his own bubble bath if Mommy doesn’t get a move on.

So am I supposed to disconnect Liv, put her back in her bassinet, run and get Josh, wipe him down, redress him, cuddle him while I finish nursing the baby, then give him a bath? Or just let him climb out of the crib, something I highly discourage, and come into my bedroom and we all traipse down to the bathroom so Josh can get cleaned up?  (By the way, bigger diapers don’t seem to do the trick always, and Josh’s only interest in his toddler bed is taking the mattress off and throwing it around his room while he growls like a dinosaur)

And, my worst fear of all, what happens when I return to work?  We still haven’t sorted out childcare.   What is going to happen when I’ve been up all night with one kid or another, and have to get them both up, fed, dressed, and to whatever Grandma’s or childcare we wind up with, by myself since Rob will probably already be at work, all by 7 am?
I get chills just thinking about it.

My answer to all of this?
I need to hire a full time nanny.

(My husband’s answer? I overthink things, and I still have two arms)

In the end, I know it will work.  A million moms have more than one little one at a time, and they manage.  I will manage too, even if sometimes one child has to wait a little bit, or if maybe we don’t go as many places for a while.  They are little and don’t care as long as Mommy is around and feeding them and turning on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse–and, frankly, it won’t hurt Josh to learn some patience in the process.   

But still, I wonder how this is all going to work.


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