Looking for perfection

If you are looking for perfection, this is the wrong place for you.  If you want to read how I cheerily awaken hours before my lovely, well behaved, well mannered children in order to cook a sumptious yet healthy breakfast, all from scratch, click out of here now. 
Because I am not perfect.  I am not a perfect mom. If you ask my son, I usually am not even a good mom, because I don’t let him just watch Mickey Mouse all day long and let him eat hot dogs and cookies.  I am not a perfect housekeeper–hygenic, usually, but cluttered and disorganized.  And I hate laundry, so I only do it when we run out of clean clothes and I can’t justify buying new socks at the store.
But here is the thing: Nobody cares that I am not a perfect mom/wife/housekeeper.

Perfection is not the goal.  My happy, healthy, well rounded kid–that is the goal.  The husband coming home to a decently healthy meal and not having to trip over a path of toys–that is the goal.  Making memories tonight with my family–that is the goal.
Too many people buy into the lie that your lifestyle choices have to be acceptable to others.  That, somehow, you are a failure if other people don’t admire you or even just agree with your choices.  That if your child isn’t doing all the things the other kids are, whether it is talking at a specific age or attending all the Mommy-and-Me classes or whatever else is going on in your social group, that you are making huge, life altering mistakes as a mother.  Too many moms I meet believe all this.

So today, I’m telling you this:
You don’t have to be perfect. You won’t be, even if you try.
Someone, somewhere, will disagree with the way you are raising your children/cleaning your house/working/not working, no matter what you do. 

And this is all okay.  It is okay not to do it all.  It is okay to ignore all the well meaning advice that you need to be doing this and going there and look a certain way.  You’ll be fine, your kids will be fine, your family will be fine, even if you have a two year old who refuses to eat anything but spaghettios and hot dogs. 

So relax.  Ignore the voices telling you to do this and be that.  Blow bubbles. Play outside.  Dance. Sing. Love.
Enjoy the little years.


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